Speciality Flatbreads

Our speciality flatbreads are served with fries and a salad garnish

Chicken & Chorizo
Served on a hot flat bread, with Cajun Meat marinated chicken strips, pan fried chorizo, red cabbage and carrot - accompanied with a red hot original sauce
Beef Steak
Served on a hot flat bread, with spicy marinated beef strips, chives, garlic, mushrooms and red onion - accompanied with baby leaves, cherry tomatoes and alioli
Served on a hot flat bread with four slices of chargrilled halloumi, chargrilled mix peppers, frieze, capers and a sweet chilli sauce

Lighter Flatbreads

Buffalo Mozzarella, Speck Ham & Rocket
Red Pesto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun-dried tomatoes & rocket
Horseradish, Bresaola beef, shaved Parmesan & Rocket
Beetroot, Goats Cheese & Rocket
Tuna & Mayo, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Shaved Parmesan & Rocket